Atlas Park

ForeverLoading: User who suffers from complete randomness, and addiction to Atlas Park. Great RPer, and can be an ass sometimes.

Killah_123: A regular who can be an ass sometimes. He likes the band toto.

Delicious_Cake: A regular who RPs a lot and is a vampire. Best friends are caro, Rose (sometimes), laffy, shino, Floading, cupp, and a lot of others in Atlas Park. Easy to anger.

crockidile: Claims to be of Lyncan origin. He has a past that involves raping girls, but is a new person. If you see him do anything sexual to a girl, contact ForeverLoading.

TheNineTailedFox: Great RPer. Addicted to english subbed japanese anime. Strong urge to watch anime, wishes to see every anime. Also a fox.

Cuppcakes: Is a general happy person. cant spell to save her life. loves to hug. is'nt mean or evil unless you piss her off. favorite face to make is >^n^<. rp's a little. and wuvs caro,laffy,and bun bun (bunnychole)

Chiyoko_: A cheerfull little girl who is fairly new to Atlas, but she is also alone, and is hoping someone will befreind her.

Contact ForeverLoading via shouts on Kongregate to be added or changed.